Tuesday, August 27, 2019

New 64-bit beta build of xGestures

For the few of you still following this blog, I've been working on a new update to xGestures. It's 64-bit and intended to be Catalina compatible. I've also fixed a number of long-time bugs that have been festering for a while, like the "Uninstall" button not working, an application's list of gestures getting annoyingly mixed up and out of order, and there not being separate actions for zooming a window and making it full screen. I've fixed a number of crashes too, though I suspect there's still plenty more lurking around in there somewhere.

This build is most of the way done, but I haven't tested it extensively in Catalina yet. Please shoot me an email if you try it out and encounter a bug!

Here's a link (version 1.80b3):