Wednesday, November 16, 2022

xGestures lives on: version 1.9.1

I have just finished a new version of xGestures, available as always at the following link:

There aren't any new features in this build, though there are a number of important fixes. Several of you reported to me that xGestures was crashing every time your macOS Ventura systems woke up from sleeping. That should now be fixed. Technically, this is one of those "how did it ever not crash" bugs so this may fix crashes in earlier versions of macOS too.

I also added a little advanced settings button with a toggle that changes how xGestures filters out mouse events. This setting is specifically there to make xGestures work with SteerMouse.

There's a few other little fixes at well that I won't repeat here since it's in the change log.

edit on November 17: I forgot to notarize xGestures before I released it! 😖 But I've since fixed it and re-uploaded it. Hopefully that didn't give so many of you any issues.