Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Closing the tab that you gestured over

Hey, remember this blog?  I barely do.

I just solved an interesting xGestures problem someone posed to me: how can they get it so that the tab they gesture over is closed, rather than making a gesture type Command-W, thus closing whichever tab is active?  Furthermore, how can they close tabs when Safari is in the background?

To solve it, I wrote an AppleScript that should do exactly that.  Maybe someone else will find it interesting.  The thing to remember about xGestures is that it can have practically any behavior you want by using AppleScript.  The problem is that writing AppleScripts is really only an option for people who are already programmers and have the time and inclination to learn to write them.  So I'll keep posting the interesting ones I write.

Here's the script:

set x to mouse x
set y to mouse y
tell application "Safari"
set targetWindow to {}
set theWindows to the windows
repeat with i from 1 to the count of theWindows
set theBounds to bounds of item i of theWindows
if x ≥ item 1 of theBounds and x ≤ item 3 of theBounds and y ≥ item 2 of theBounds and y ≤ item 4 of theBounds then
if targetWindow ≠ {} then
if index of item i of theWindows <>
set targetWindow to item i of theWindows
end if
set targetWindow to item i of theWindows
end if
end if
end repeat
if targetWindow ≠ {} then
close current tab of targetWindow
end if
end tell

This script requires the XTools scripting addition because otherwise there's no way to get the mouse location in an AppleScript.  XTools can be downloaded here:


Anonymous said...

Have you tried xGestures with Snow Leopard? I'm running the latest build and it doesn't work :-(

Unknown said...

I wouldn't say xGestures doesn't work, but it seems to crash or become inactive every now and then.

Going to xGestures preferences, quitting xG and restarting it fixes this. But it _is_ annoying...

Unknown said...

... in Snow Leopard, I meant. Ooops! :-/

Duncan said...

I have another useful apple script for safari tabs. I have this one bound to left. It goes back, but if there is no page to go back to because the last thing I did was open a link in a new tab, it closes the tab so I still end up at the previous page.

if application "Safari" is frontmost then
tell application "Safari"
tell current tab of window 1
do JavaScript "
if(history.length > 1) {
} else {
end tell
end tell
end if

Also, I've had problems since installing Snow Leopard. When I use gestures bound to the control+number shortcuts for switching to a specific space, the spaces bezel stays there (when you use the actual key combo it waits for the key up of the control key, I guess the xgesture-fired key press is too fast). This happened in Leopard, too, but now it makes my keyboard stop working for anything but the change spaces commands until I can get the bezel to go away.

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