Friday, April 13, 2018

Oh yeah, blogs. Remember those?

Does anyone even still use blogs anymore? Maybe I should share a tweet about my latest tumblr post on Facebook for all of my Slack friends.

Anyway, I made a new version of xGestures: 1.78. It fixes a bug that made mouse clicks unreliable in macOS 10.13. 😱 If you're running High Sierra, I recommend updating! It fixes a few other things too.

I hope people are still finding xGestures useful like I am. I've said it before, but just to reaffirm, I do intend to keep updating it as long as I'm using a mac and no one makes a suitable alternative. Because, you know, I can't live without mouse gestures.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Brian to go on with updated xGestures !

Just like you, I could not use my Mac happily without this tool... And yes, no other software around to surpass it !

I hope you will be able to keep up :)


aki said...

yes thank you for keeping this updated!! it is indispensible as you know :)

I make sure to check this blog once a month to find out if there are any updates or changes ... is there a way to have the software itself notify when changes are available?

If not it's ok, as I'll continue to check this blog anyway!

Thanks again!
- Aki

Anonymous said...

Hey, uh… May I suggest a remake of Unicycle? It was your best game (especially the bouncy theme song and cute sprites), but macOS High Sierra can't even see its icon, let alone run it. Since you still seem committed to xGestures, surely you can fix Unicycle alongside, right?

Unknown said...


cmon brian, discord is the thing now ;^)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, I like xGestures。

Anonymous said...

I love xGestures!

Anonymous said...

Yo Brian, I agree with this Anonymous fella; you should totally remake Unicycle! It was your best, most rad game. Just the grooviest, man!

Some excellent ol' chap on Twitter made this awesome concept about Unicycle being on phones. You gonna reply to that email he sent? He real seriously wants to discuss it with ya, mate!
Maybe flesh out the rainbow-clown-looking unicyclist, or remix and add more hip music for us to jam to?

Brian Kendall said...

I have seriously considered remaking Unicycle more than once. If I had thought to do it right around when the iPhone app store originally launched I'd probably be quite rich now... it is basically an endless runner after all. The main thing stopping me from doing it is time, though. The vision I have for a Unicycle remake would involve a lot of time and even more artwork. Maybe some day!

Ben Roberts said...

Hey Brian,

I'm delighted to have come across your reply!

Knowing that you're open to the idea of remaking Unicycle…means a whole lot to me.
Unicycle is the main reason why I still fire up my old PowerBook G3 now and again. Who can get enough of the bouncy soundtrack at any rate, or the hilarious "Level -1" and "Level 65536" error messages, or the adorable, colourful unicyclist? \(^o^)/

You know, even if time is preventing you from fully remaking Unicycle in your vision, we'd still be content with a straight Win32/DirectX port of the original Mac OS Classic version (assuming you still have the source code) - then, when you get some more free time, you can steadily update it into your vision of a remake, bit by bit. An easy compromise, if you ask me, for fans who desperately want to experience Unicycle until you get the time to fully revamp it. Maybe you could merge ideas from the unreleased Unicycle II into this version while you're at it, like Dr. Smiley?

Of course, it's never too late to launch Unicycle on the App Store/Google Play, either. Using something like Unity, and considering that the first version of Unicycle took only one week to program, I bet you could finish before breakfast! Coupled with a non-intrusive banner ad or two for monetisation, who knows how much money you could make?

You could also consider the ideas I wrote down on that concept I put on Twitter - the one that I believe Anonymous was referring to. Facebook friend list integration and whatnot.

Anonymous is right; I'd be happy to discuss this further, either via Twitter or over email, assuming you still check your Gmail address. I could go on for ages about Unicycle's potential, but this reply is already long enough.

Best of luck!

Ben Roberts said...

…I have since come to realise just how lengthy and carried-away my original comment was, for which I apologise. Clearly I got over-excited about the possibility of a Unicycle remake, which kinda says a lot about how much the game still means to me.
I'd trim my comment and remove a few paragraphs, but I can't find an Edit button. (Google+'s shutdown probably doesn't help either.)

Might I suggest putting some of Unicycle's soundtrack on your SoundCloud page? (FINAL.MAD is still my favourite!)

Friedrich said...

Ich war an XGestures interessiert. Jetzt interessiere ich mich für Unicycle. Ich will es spielen! 😃

charlie said...

your sitting on a goldmine with unicycle
id love a rainbow guy on my phone