Friday, May 31, 2019

64-bit xGestures and macOS 10.15

I've received a few emails wondering about the future of xGestures and macOS 10.15, which will no longer support 32-bit apps at all. The good news is that I am working on a 64-bit version of xGestures! The trouble is that, since I originally wrote xGestures in 2004, a lot of it used old 32-bit Carbon APIs that are no longer supported, so a bunch of the app has to be re-written.

I do have an in-progress 64-bit version for those you want to try it out. Here's a link:

The one feature that's missing is visual feedback when gesturing. I'm going to try and reimplement it before 10.15 comes out.

I've found that it seems to work better in 10.14 than version 1.78.

If however xGestures is currently working fine for you, then there's no reason to update.


Celeri said...

Hi Brian,

Just to let you know I have started testing your new version and it seems to have solved the only problem I was having : when associating the wheel button to the "Show desktop" feature in Mission Control, xGesture would crash every time, but now it keeps working. Great news !

May suggest one new feature ? If you could make available the specific left/right "swipe between pages" functions (available in the trackapd settings) as a command for gestures, it would be great, because more and more applications use them in a better way than keyboard shortcuts (especially Firefox).

So happy to see you work on xGestures, still the best in class of mouse gestures on Mac after all these years !


Ed said...

So happy to see an update coming on this. I've used xGestures daily for more than a decade now and couldn't live without it. If you fancy beta testers, sign me up!

Sergesouszero said...

Many thanks Brian for keeping xGestures alive.

aki said...

Awesome!! Thank you so much for continuing to update xGestures—it's indispensable and irreplaceable!

Payton said...

This is such great news! Thanks for keeping this going... I couldn't live without it!

Unknown said...

Beta 2 coming so0n?